Medium Dogs for Adoption

Peluche – Castrated Male/Mixed Breed/10 Years Old
He was given up by his owner. He can travel out of Spain on 16th January 2018.   He has a wonderful, quiet character and is no problem with other dogs. He is in good health and will play a little.

Jasmine- Female/Mixed Breed/1 Year Old
She came to FAMA with her sister Jessie after spending most of their lives in different shelters. She loves to run and play with other dogs and walks out on a lead. Can be homed with her sister or separately as confident on her own.

Cleo – Spayed Female/PodencoX/3 Years
Found in the campo and handed into us. She is now shy but friendly. She becoming more confident with good care.

Buoy – Female/Podenco/Approx. 1 Year
Buoy was abandoned in the campo as a puppy with a collar still on. As she grew, the collar cut into her neck. We managed to catch her and had the collar surgically removed. She is still more confident every day.

Kira – Female/Mixed Breed/Approx. 2 Years
Details to follow.

Daisy – Female/Mixed Breed/Approx. 2 Years
More details to follow.